Technology in the 21st century is evolving at an exponential rate.  We now have so many new choices on how we use technology for entertainment, education, business, security and personal comfort. DAW Tech has broken technology down for our customers. We feel it is best to look at the customer’s needs and then offer technology solutions to serve those needs. DAW Tech is the 21st century solution for technology.

Ready to Assist

At DAW Tech we understand emerging technology trends and listen to our clients’ goals and challenges to design and deliver a complete solution. Our consulting team is comprised of energetic and hardworking people who are passionate about helping our clients leverage new technology. 

Our Specialty Niche'

One business segment that we have a fond affinity towards are Houses of Worship(Churches).  This  segment usually does not take advantage of utilizing technology to help extend their reach and efficiently facilitate the different operational functions of the church.  Which could aid them in fulfilling the Great Commission.  

DAW Tech can help these organizations achieve this by designing effective websites, establish online giving and other methods, live streaming, and effective communication tools.

More Efficiency

With today’s technological landscape organizations need to look at leveraging the benefits of using technology to help.  DAW Tech can help by assisting you in rethinking and improving the way work is done by the use of technology to support the organizations mission. 

Business Process Reengineering looks at helping your organization by looking at core processes and costs to help improve efficiency.  Remove redundancies employing disruptive technologies to aid your organization in improving it’s operational bottom line.